domingo, enero 05, 2014

Insane but smart

It is highly disappointed to realise that your effort for being understood by the people you care was far from touching some of them. In life, your personality may bring you to reach insane extremes and although you can cure from extremes, your personality remains. Accepting and working in yourself takes much longer than the treatment to make you apparently normal. 
Today someone made me arrive the ultimate purifying treatment for fast weight losing... I am debating myself in between what is more important: the fact that the person may think I needed it urgently, that this person had the little common sense of putting that knowledge in my hands, the upsetting fact that I spent 5 min of my valuable life searching for it and considering buying it or the proud I feel now after deciding that was stupid and that person is out of their mind.

jueves, enero 02, 2014

Why should we overcome our limitations, accept and love ourselves?

Because we usually accept the love we think we deserve.