domingo, enero 05, 2014

Insane but smart

It is highly disappointed to realise that your effort for being understood by the people you care was far from touching some of them. In life, your personality may bring you to reach insane extremes and although you can cure from extremes, your personality remains. Accepting and working in yourself takes much longer than the treatment to make you apparently normal. 
Today someone made me arrive the ultimate purifying treatment for fast weight losing... I am debating myself in between what is more important: the fact that the person may think I needed it urgently, that this person had the little common sense of putting that knowledge in my hands, the upsetting fact that I spent 5 min of my valuable life searching for it and considering buying it or the proud I feel now after deciding that was stupid and that person is out of their mind.

jueves, enero 02, 2014

Why should we overcome our limitations, accept and love ourselves?

Because we usually accept the love we think we deserve.

miércoles, septiembre 25, 2013

Forever means now

We are finite and limited. Infinite, forever, nothing... are concepts limited by our perception limits. An empty box is nothing in a box but there is the box, there is us looking inside the box. We live in a world where there exists always something so the non-existence is intrinsically far from our understanding. Indeed, we try to avoid understanding and facing these concepts by, for example, thinking that when someone dies we can still feel them or have their memories, because we cannot understand what not existing is.
As well, forever is nothing, we all die, we change… However, we have our own explanation for forever. Forever is now, is an intention. Forever means that you do not think about the not existence. This instantaneous forever, even if there is no guarantee,  is the the enthusiasm, the positivism. The way I understand forever is the choice of being enthusiastic and positive. When you direct your enthusiasm to make something work rather than to prevent the consequences you are giving a real honest chance.

viernes, septiembre 06, 2013


This is going to sound alarming: I don’t want to play Sims. I have been dreaming with the day I was done with obligations and I was coming back home and have the chance to deviate my attention.  But now that I can, I don’t feel that is what I want. Somehow, as I grew up, I learnt what my role was or what I needed to find my place and stop fighting the world to finally start taking part of it. Then, I developed a voracious desire of belonging to somewhere. When you want so badly to take part of something there is always the fear that this something will not accept you. Nevertheless, I will definitely never know if I never try so I consciously made the commitment to not running away again.

martes, septiembre 03, 2013

I took the public transport this morning again. Not that I do it often lately, but today is not the day for bike stories. 
There it goes a big guy moving with thrill to get the first in and get a sit. I let the previous bus pass, it was way too crowded so I was one of the first to get in the following one. The bus arrives and the guy literally squeezes me to get in before me, ok… let’s just breath and assume that not everybody is as polite as you would expect.  We enter and sit, to my disappointment facing each other. An injured woman using crutches follows us. I would always let my sit to someone that needs it, I really don’t mind. However, considering he pushed me to get into and that he is with a group of colleagues and they are all sort of army officers… I assume one of them would stand up. The Guy looks at me and asks me to let her my sit!!!! I do, what if they accuse me of resistance to authority!! But not without thinking he is the biggest asshole in that bus, in the station.. and what about her… she sits down and smiles and thanks them, not me!!! What the F..k O_O

miércoles, junio 06, 2012

Cuatro sillas para la Gioconda

Que apreciamos lo que no tenemos es un lugar comun e injusto. No somos mal agradecidos, somos personas que buscamos el equilibrio entre el reconocimiento deseado y la humanidad a la que no renunciamos. Yo soy la involuntaria Gioconda del desbalance humano. Nunca desee el exito laboral y de repente me encuentro envidiada por mis allegados por haber llegado donde ellos habrian querido. Sin embargo, no perciben que su envidia es esporadica y puntual y soy yo quien les envidio cada dia cuando llego a una casa vacia y cocino para uno en una mesa con tres sillas que sobran.
Me sorprende no saber si los tropiezos humanos me han llevado al exito laboral por no creerme capaz de nada mas o si el creerme capaz de ciertas cosas me ha llevado al artico humano.
No esta la batalla perdida si he comprado sin dudarlo cuatro sillas y una cama grande.

viernes, marzo 30, 2012

Timón y huelga

He viajado tan poco en transporte público que todavía no puedo evitar escuchar conversaciones ajenas cuando lo hago. En este caso es un grupo de jóvenes hablando de la huelga de ayer, uno de ellos ha escrito un artículo que ha resultado ser polémico y sus amigos consideran que ha hablado alto y claro. Otra le dice "deberías meterte en política, lo que necesita España son políticos que hablen claro". Si que nos ha salido valiente esta juventud. Los políticos ya hablan demasiado y demasiado alto. Lo que necesitamos son jóvenes que hablen más, de los que surjan ideas y no estos que esperan escuchar las que serán sus ideas por boca de políticos manipuladores. La opinión crítica popular es el único timón que nos queda.