martes, septiembre 03, 2013

I took the public transport this morning again. Not that I do it often lately, but today is not the day for bike stories. 
There it goes a big guy moving with thrill to get the first in and get a sit. I let the previous bus pass, it was way too crowded so I was one of the first to get in the following one. The bus arrives and the guy literally squeezes me to get in before me, ok… let’s just breath and assume that not everybody is as polite as you would expect.  We enter and sit, to my disappointment facing each other. An injured woman using crutches follows us. I would always let my sit to someone that needs it, I really don’t mind. However, considering he pushed me to get into and that he is with a group of colleagues and they are all sort of army officers… I assume one of them would stand up. The Guy looks at me and asks me to let her my sit!!!! I do, what if they accuse me of resistance to authority!! But not without thinking he is the biggest asshole in that bus, in the station.. and what about her… she sits down and smiles and thanks them, not me!!! What the F..k O_O

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