miércoles, septiembre 25, 2013

Forever means now

We are finite and limited. Infinite, forever, nothing... are concepts limited by our perception limits. An empty box is nothing in a box but there is the box, there is us looking inside the box. We live in a world where there exists always something so the non-existence is intrinsically far from our understanding. Indeed, we try to avoid understanding and facing these concepts by, for example, thinking that when someone dies we can still feel them or have their memories, because we cannot understand what not existing is.
As well, forever is nothing, we all die, we change… However, we have our own explanation for forever. Forever is now, is an intention. Forever means that you do not think about the not existence. This instantaneous forever, even if there is no guarantee,  is the the enthusiasm, the positivism. The way I understand forever is the choice of being enthusiastic and positive. When you direct your enthusiasm to make something work rather than to prevent the consequences you are giving a real honest chance.

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